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Not yet available
We're sorry about the english version not being yet available. Efforts are put towards a translation of the main sections of the site, but it may still take a little while. You may signal us your desire to see any progress in this way... do some lobbying, in other words.

You may try to hang around with the french site, you'll find that many words are similar in both languages, so there's a way to surf around even if you don't know a damn french word.

The Fiat+/-Lux zine, which it is all about, contains some texts in English. You can access the online version of the latest issue right here: Fiat+/-Lux 23 (PDF), or you may submit your own text or help translate texts of the next issue in the Press room.

For any information, or if you'd like to help in translation, give us some feedback: contact us. Thanks for your interest.

Last update of this page: January 9, 2005